U.S. airports with budget airline flights to Europe

U.S. airports with budget airline flights to Europe   A new breed of European budget airlines has made headlines in the U.S. by offering rock-bottom fares to Europe, sometimes for less than $70 one way. Budget carrier WOW and low-cost carrier Norwegian have led the charge, garnering most of the headlines with regular fare sales and eye-popping U.S. expansion plans. (More: Norwegian Air's $65 fares to Europe: What’s the catch?)Shenyang flights But those two are not alone. Primera and French Bee are more recent budget airlines to try the U.S. market.  Even major airlines are joining the fray.
 British Airways’ parent company just launched LEVEL, a new no-frills budget airline it hopes can push back against encroaching low-cost rivals. (More: $149 Europe fares? British Airways parent rolls out new budget airline LEVEL)   For U.S. customers seeking out these airlines, it can be a challenge to know where they fly.
 Norwegian and WOW now have the biggest footprint, each having grown dramatically here during the past few years. (More: WOW Air rolls out $69 one-way fares to Europe; what's the catch?) Norwegian alone flies 53 routes between the U.S. and Europe, which it says is more than any single European carrier. It flies many “point-to-point” routes, but also offers connections via hubs in European airports like London Gatwick, Oslo and Stockholm, among others.