How to defend crosses in FIFA 19

There is only one effective way of defending crosses in fifa 19 ultimate team coins if you want to win most of the air battles. You need to press X or A when the ball is approximately three meters away from your player. Make sure to use the left analog to direct the header to one of your teammates. this is by far the best technique you can use in crossing situations to win the air battles. And it works very well.

When you press the D-PAD button down for defensive tactics will pop up on your screens striker drop back. If you want to keep a gold Vantage in the last minutes of the game team, this is a very good tactic to apply high pressure.
This FIFA 19 Defending Tutorial is all I want to share you. Hope you enjoyed it! Anyway, If you want to win matches in FIFA 19, master FIFA defending skills is very important. Also, if you want to know FIFA 19 want know more fut coins news Read More