FIFA 19: Some FUT Tips

We know that playing online against other opponents on Division Rivals and even more in the Weekend League requires a greater concentration, considering the serious risk of meeting stronger and trained opponents ready to climb the first places in the rankings. Every mistake is punished,fifa coins from the wrong passage to the teammate to the slippery in a too impetuous area, the events that can trigger an action against you are many and can hardly be corrected before. Over the years we have learned to treasure every match played, and it is normal to enter the “trial and error” spiral useful to strengthen in-game skills. Do not underestimate any rival, you must try to read the move of your opponent and play early; if the filtering passages, for example, send a sprinter on the outside, a couple of actions are enough to understand if it is more inclined to continue the race to cross in the area, or through some pretense try to centralize to go to the shot.

Depending on the attitude, however, you should still use as much time as possible with the defender in your control until you are sure how to act. It can also be useful in the most confusing situations, where perhaps the opponent begins a phrasing aimed at opening some spaces between the lines, calling a support player with the doubling in pressing using the specific trigger and wait for an error to restart fast break. Last advice, but not for this less important, knowingly managing the bench in the second half can make the difference considering how much, compared to the past, the average stamina value of all players has dropped. Do not be frightened to make changes and do not keep players too tired in the field.Read More