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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the main airport of Guangzhou, the capital city of the province of Guangdong of the People’s Republic of China. In 2013, it was named as the second busiest airport in China and 16th busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic; third busiest airport in China and 18th busiest in the world in terms of cargo traffic; and was also the second busiest airport in China in terms of aircraft movements. The airport has a current capacity of 31 million passengers and up to one million tonnes of cargo annually. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is also the main hub of China Southern Airlines and a focus city for Shenzhen Airlines. The airport is located 28km north from central Guangzhou.shanghai to hong kong

Formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou has a history dating back to roughly 2,200 years. And so, the city houses a large arsenal of historic places, architectures, and sights. At the Xiguan Residence and Cantonese Arc, you will see the traditional Cantonese architectures from the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic area. The Shamian Island is a spot in the hectic metropolis that cradles the buildings and streets of the former British and French concession which have been beautifully renovated. Temples are also aplenty in the city, which show its people’s great connection to religion. Museums and galleries contain the city’s history, art, and culture. Go and see the Guangzhou Museum at the Zhenhai Tower in Yuexiu. It is among the first museums in the Republic era of China. The Guangzhou Ocean World is also an interesting place to visit when you’re in Guangzhou. It is located inside the Guangzhou Zoo and has over 200 kinds of fish and many other rare ocean creatures. You can also walk along parks for a relaxing afternoon, or spend the time enjoying at one of the many theme parks in the city. There’s the Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou CocoPark, and the Guangzhou Xiangjang Safari Park. You might also want to see the Chimelong International Circus which is China’s version of Cirque du Soleil. And if you’re looking for a great outdoor adventure, mountain climbing is also a popular choice among tourists visiting the city.