Water Treatment Chemicals: Tighter Rules Drive Demand

In the U.S., HEDP about 325 billion gal of water are used every day. Almost all of this water, used primarily by industry, municipalities (excluding residential and commercial), and power-generating utilities, must be treated. Physical, chemical, and biological methods are used for treating water to remove pollutants or contaminants that can interfere with its use, or to allow for its discharge into surface waters.

The overall market for water treatment chemicals totaled $2.32 billion in 1988, according to a study by Freedonia Group, a Clevelandbased research group. Nearly 12.9 billion lb of water treatment chemicals were sold that year. Because water treatment chemicals include both commodity and specialty-grade chemicals, the sizes of the major markets can differ widely when considered by dollar value or volume.

The industrial market, which covers a broad range of manufacturing, processing, and refining industries, accounted for close to a third of the total volume of chemicals used, but nearly 47% of
Isiolo County government has partnered up with UNICEF to provide free water treatment chemicals and storage jerrycans to enable the residents to purify drinking water drawn from the contaminated river
The items flagged off to the homes include 2,000 20-Litre Jerrycans, 5000 pieces of bar soaps, 22000 water treatment chemical sachets, one generator for the borehole and two 10,000 litre tanks for use by residents of Modogashe township. Isiolo County Governor Mohamed Kuti thanked the