Hitachi Debuts Carrier Ethernet Switches for The United States

Hitachi Cable America Corporation. (SMB Network Products) today announced the development of the ApresiaRM25000 Carrier Ethernet Switch Series targeting The United States market. The ApresiaRM25000 Series includes four 1RU L2/L3 switches with 10 port (ApresiaRM25000-10X/SA) and 24 port (ApresiaRM25000-24X/SA) models and optional interfaces for synchronization. Every port supports 1G / 10G dual-speeds (SFP/SFP ) and also the switching capacities for that 10 port and also the 24 port models are 200 480 and Gbps Gbps, correspondingly. The ApresiaRM25000 Series supportsVPLS and MPLS, H-VPLS and Q-in-Q protocols. The Ten port model is temperature hardened, appropriate for remote deployments in out of control environments.

The stacking feature from the ApresiaRM25000 Series enables the carriers to construct “single node” high capacity “non-blocking” switches by cascading multiple 10 port and/or 24 port switches. The stacking feature enables the carriers to preserve investment and spend-as-grow. The ApresiaRM25000 Series is NEBS Level-MEF2 and 3. compliant.The ApresiaRM25000 Series is part of the Hitachi’s flagship APRESIA? Ethernet Switch family that has possessed a effective deployment at a number of tier-1 carriers in Japan within the last 2 decades. The ApresiaRM25000 Series provides the same level of top quality, wealthy features and customer care that APRESIA has provided to its Japanese customers for a long time. Ali SVP, Taslimi and Mind from the N.A. Carrier IP Networking Division at HCA stated, “The ApresiaRM25000 Series was created in line with the latest switching technologies and will also be probably the most price and feature competitive Carrier Ethernet Switches in The United States.” Taslimi added, “Carriers are continually searching for methods to boost their professional services and choices at cheapest OPEX and CAPEX which mandates flexible, simple and scalable systems. The ApresiaRM25000 is about wealthy simplicity, features and scalability at competitive cost.” The ApresiaRM25000 Series is presently in lab trials at numerous carriers in The United States with General Availability focused on Q2-2016.

Hitachi Cable America Corporation. (HCA) is definitely an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Limited., a worldwide manufacturer of high-grade metal products with customers within the automotive, computer and aerospace industries. Hitachi’s headquarters is within Purchase, New You are able to, USA.

Hitachi includes three divisions: The Performance Cable Systems & Materials Division, the Automotive Products Division and also the The United States Carrier Networking Division. The Performance Cable Materials and Systems Division designs and manufactures fiber and copper optic communication assemblies and cables for numerous industries. Products support applications for example Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, video, Control of Ethernet, Infiniband, HDMI and much more. Manufacturing is performed in the Manchester, Nh, USA facility. For that US market, the organization also imports and sells Hitachi products including optical cables, components and wires, medical cables and-speed transceivers.

The Automotive Products Division designs and manufactures high-performance components and materials utilized by the automotive industry. Products include power cable harnesses for electric/hybrid vehicles, brake hose products and electric sensor harnesses. The Automotive Products Division operates manufacturing facilities in Florida, Indiana and Mexico.

The The United States Carrier Networking Division, using its primary office in San Jose, California (Plastic Valley), accounts for sales, marketing, and support of Hitachi’s APRESIA? Carrier Networking products in The United States. The APRESIA? portfolio includes Layer 2, Layer 3, 1/10/100G fixed and modular kind of switches and DWDM Systems.