SMOK Amazed Shenzhen IECIE 2019 Vape Expo

The three-day Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Wholesale Expo (IECIE) 2019 was successfully held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 14 to 16, 2019, ushering in the Expo's 5th anniversary. As the world's most influential and largest e-cigarette exhibition, IECIE covers a total area of 37,500 square meters, attracting 1,500+ brands from 45 countries and regions. It's estimated that more than 50,000 professional visitors and 350 overseas media attended this grand vape expo.

The expo brought together plenty of distinctive e-cigarette exhibitors. SMOK, as the host of Shenzhen Expo, exhibited a number of new products including MICO kit, Morph 219 kit and Trinity Alpha kit. Their creative industrial design and fashionable lifestyle concept not only attracted numerous e-cigarette distributors at home and abroad, but also once again led the trend of the global e-cigarettes, highlighting SMOK's strength as a leader in the e-cigarette industry.

In the design of the exhibition hall, SMOK continued the previous black-and-white style, which is stylish and aesthetic. With a total area of 135 square meters, the hall is divided into four major areas: exhibition area, business area, experience area and reception area, providing customized and accurate services for brand dealers, distributors, vape amateurs and overseas buyers. All these thoughtful plans made the SMOK booth attract enough eyeballs and gain sound feedback on the spot.

Besides that, a series of interesting activities were held to mobilize the live atmosphere, such as DJ show, dance show, award-winning quiz,cloud chasing competition, prize claw and so on. The gift delivery segment, in particular, took the scene to a whole new level and delivered a large number of vape kit, drawstring bags and T-shirts to the audience. For vapers, the SMOK vape show is more like a carnival party for vape lovers, reflecting the current multicultural fusion of cross-border, new tide and fashion.