The new Vladdin Kush Pods

I’ve reviewed the vladdin kush pod and its use with another 420 product previously. Those pods had/have an innovative layered ceramic atty, which is great for thinner fluids.
Today we’re looking at their new Kush Pod which is made for thick 420 oils. I filled the pods with differing ratios of uncut distillate, shatter and terpenes _
The Vladdin battery is draw to fire and 350mAh. The battery is charged via USB and shows a white light during the cycle. When charging is complete the light turns off. It measures at 112mm x 19mm x 20mm and uses magnets to secure the pods.
The Kush pods are .5ml, run at 1.25-1.5ohms and are top fill. You simply take off the cap/mouthpiece, remove the rubber stopper, tilt the pod to a 45 degree angle and slowly fill via one of the ports on either side of the center airflow tube.
When filling be sure to leave enough empty space for the rubber-stopper-legs. Otherwise when you insert the stopper oil will overflow.
Plug the ports with the stopper. Then replace the cap/mouthpiece and wait a few minutes for the atomizer to wick before use. I even take a few short dry puffs before attaching the pod to help saturate the coil.
The Vladdin is a nice looking little device which is now offered in 6 different colors: Blue/Red/Titanium/Gold/Rainbow/Black. Titanium and Rainbow have a sleek polished body and the others are coated with a silky smooth matt texture. All have a curvaceous body and feel premium in hand.
,The pods are sealed well and held secure enough to carry in a pocket or bag and not worry about leaking or the pod coming out. However, if you drop it, I did, on a hard surface the pod may dislodge. So note whether the pod is still attached, should you do so.
The draw is tight. I believe they bill this as an MTL device as such. However, small puffs won’t cut it for many. Therefore, I find the best method for use is to loose lip the mouthpiece and take a long and slow draw. This method produces very decent clouds. And helps avoid flooding by not creating too much suction while the oil is still warm and less viscous.
I found that the Kush Pod ceramic is VERY porous and likes VERY thick oil. As such, keep your terpene ratios to a 5% max for best operation. And, as above, avoid sucking on it like a frozen milkshake lol.
Flavor is the best I have found on a 420 pod thus far. Really smooth with pronounced (non-burnt) taste. Additionally, the OG 1.5ml pods are still very viable for nicotine, cbd and thinner THC juices. Which means you can carry all 3 “flavors” anywhere you go.
Discreet, handsome, tasty, versatile and available online and in b&m retail stores. Vladdin is a very good addition to any vapers arsenal.