How do I replace the waste toner container?

Before replacing any consumables it is necessary to power off the printer using the safe shutdown procedure described in the Knowledgebase article below:
"Shutdown/Restart process" -- Database 'ETSC Knowledgebase', Copier Waste Toner Container View 'By Product', Document 'Shutdown/Restart process'
The waste toner container can be easily replaced by following the procedure:

1. Lift the printer's operation panel as shown above by pulling the bottom of the panel away from the printer.

2. Open the front cover of the printer by placing a hand at each side and pulling away from the printer. The front cover is located in between the printer lid and the paper tray.

3. Release the waste toner container from the printer by pressing the tab at the top right (as shown above) and angling the top forwards.
4. Now that the container has been released remove it by pulling forwards away from the printer.

5. Place the used waste toner cartridge in the disposal bag provided with the new consumable and return to OKI Printing Solutions.

6. Carefully align the new waste toner container and present to the printer.

7. It may be necessary to angle the container slightly down whilst aligning it with the printer. Once the container is correctly aligned press firmly in at the top and ensure that the securing tab (indicated above) clicks into place.

8. Close the front cover.

9. Return the Printer's operation panel to its initial position.

10. Reconnect the A.C. cord and apply power to the printer to complete waste toner container replacement.