Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine

Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine

silo forming machine Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine could be used for producing corrugated sidewall sheet.

Introduction of Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine
Material feeding width: max 1250mm, Q235,
Max. the thickness of material: 4mm
Forming speed: 6-15mm/min including punching, not including cutting
This line includes hydraulic decoiler with coil car, guide, forming, punching, curving, cutting, stacker.

Hydraulic Decoiler with coil car
Max feeding width: 300-1250mm
Max loading capacity: 10T
Max coil diameter: 1500mm
Inner coil diameter: 460-560mm

Punching part of Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine
Non-stop tracking punching
Servo motor 5.5kw, encoder, ball screw transmission
Hydraulic station by China Wansheng
Punching preciseness: ±0.5mm
Hole distance (width direction): ±1mm
Hole distance (length direction): ±2mm
Screw hole: smooth, shape good
Punching dies: Cr12MoV material, heat treatment, 60-62HRC. One set of punching head with one line

Curving machine
Curving way: three roller curving
Max. feeding width: 1500mm
Speed: the same speed as main forming machine
Structure: stand column

Cutting part of Grain Silo Roll Forming Machine
Share hydraulic station with punching part
Cutting way: hydraulic cutting, cutting angle adjustable, can match with curving
Length accuracy: ±2mm
Cutting blade: Cr12MoV, heat treatment, 60-62HRC