What Are The Prospect Of Roll Forming Machine Industry

The tremendous development of Roll Forming Machine industry is not only reflected in the continuous expansion of production scale, the continuous increase of production quantity, and the in-depth expansion of application fields, roll forming machine china but also in the following aspects.
1. Improving the level of technology and equipment

In recent years, the technical and equipment level of the Cold Roll Forming industry in China has been continuously improved. According to the situation of their own factories, and through independent research and development or introduction of foreign advanced equipment, the enterprises have made their own equipment level rise continuously, the production process has been improved continuously, and the technical capability has been improved continuously, which has promoted the development of a number of high speed rolling mills. In order to achieve the goal of producing high quality products with high efficiency, large-scale, cost-effective and intensive production is gradually carried out. Note: the roll formed profiles produced by Cold Roll Forming Machine accounts for 1.8% of the total steel and 2.2% after 5 years, with an average annual growth rate of 13%.

2. The establishment of industry research platform.

Along with the great development of Roll Forming Machine industry, it is urgent to strengthen the research on the basic theory of roll formed profiles, so as to adapt to the continuous development of production practice and provide theoretical guidance for production practice. In this situation, some excellent enterprises in China have concentrated their superior resources, set up their own research platform, utilize their own experience accumulation, and focus on strengthening the research of roll forming theory and research and development of profiled complex section steel, in order to gain the leading edge in the fierce market competition